Trans-Am Racing

Power Brake Boosters


1965-1966 Power Brake Booster Kits

Trans-Am Racing Power Brake Booster Kits include: New Power Booster, Spacer Plate, New Master Cylinder, and Adjustable Pedal Arms. They are available for either Disc or Drum Brake applications.

Part Number Application Transmission Price
6542-A Disc and Drum Automatic $450.00
6542-S Disc and Drum Stick $450.00
6543-A Dual Drum Automatic $450.00
6543-S Dual Drum Stick $450.00
6544-A Single Drum Automatic $450.00
6544-S Single Drum Stick $450.00
6545-A Single Disc Automatic $450.00
6545-S Single Disc Stick $450.00
6546-A Four Wheel Disc Automatic $450.00
6546-S Four Wheel Disc Stick $450.00

1967-1970 Power Brake Booster Kits

Part Number Application Transmission Price
6742 Disc and Drum Automatic $425.00
7042 Disc and Drum Stick $425.00
6743 Dual Drum Automatic $425.00
7043 Dual Drum Stick $425.00
6744 Single Drum Automatic $425.00
7044 Single Drum Stick $425.00
6745 Single Disc Automatic $425.00
7045 Single Disc Stick $425.00
6746 Four Wheel Disc Automatic $425.00
7046 Four Wheel Disc Stick $425.00